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Dayuling Oolong Tea
Dayuling Oolong Tea:
Yellow soil is utilized to grow Dayuling Oolong tea leaves in the tea plantation. With its light acidic quality and hydrophobicity, yellow soil is perfect for the growth of tea trees. During productions seasons of spring and winter, the temperature at noon never exceeds 18 degrees. 
The leaf bud of Dayuling Tea is emerald green in color. It is with a mellow taste (less astringent) and light aroma, along with a tea in the purest of green and yellow. Lastly, Dayuling Oolong Tea is suitable for multiple brews.
Due to its scarce production, Dayuling Oolong is also known as Taiwan’s King of High-Mountain Tea. 
Product Details

The production area of Dayuling Oolong Tea is at the high-mountain tea plantation 2,500 meters above sea level, located at the junction between Taichung, Nantou, and Hualien. Due to coldness in climate as a result of the high sea level, a special tea aroma is thus created, with a tea that is delightful and mellow, rich in taste and a sweet aftertaste. Due to its scarcity in production and its unique taste, Dayuling Oolong Tea is simply referred to as Taiwan’s King of High-Mountain Tea.

For winter tea, please use boiling water with a water temperature between 95~100 degrees Celsius.

  1. Warm Tea: Place tea leaves into the center of the tea ware, pour in approximately 80cc of boiling water, then pour out into a warm cup after 5 seconds for consumption.
  2. The duration for the first infusion is 130 seconds; the duration for the second infusion is 120 seconds, and third infusion is 150 seconds; the fourth infusion should take 130 seconds, with the fifth infusion taking 180 seconds.