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A.C. Mushroom
A.C. Mushroom
A.C. Mushroom Pills:
Adopting the supercritical fluid extraction method while collaborating with well-known leaders in the industry and industrial economics, these pills is a collaborative effort made for the consumers after through research and analysis.
Extracted from wild A.C. mushrooms, the effective materials of these mushrooms are condensed and preserved within each pill, allowing for the ease of use while providing better effect in the improvement of bodily functions.  
Usage Amount: Once every morning and night; two to three pills daily
Usage Method: Place the pill under the tongue for better absorption
Product Details

Introduction to A.C. Mushroom
A.C. Mushroom is also referred to as Antrodia; it is a mushroom exclusive to Taiwan. It lies on the inner and outer walls of stout camphor trees throughout its lifetime. Usually bell-shaped or plate-shaped, the color of A.C. mushrooms is orange-red or red-brown with a very bitter taste. Due to its slow growth, it is very limited in quantity, which makes it especially valuable. As a result of its amazing curative and healing effects, commonly it is simply referred to as the “King of Mushrooms” or as the “Red Gem of the Forest” in Taiwan. In recent years, because of its amazing curative effects, wild A.C. mushrooms have been illegally picked in large quantities, driving the prices of A.C. mushrooms to over NTD$100,000 for just 1 kilogram. Due to its scarcity, A.C. mushroom has become the “King of All Herbs.”
A.C. Mushrooms contains triterpenois, superoxide dismutase, adenosine, vitamins, materials stabilizing blood pressure, immunity protein and other materials. After countless in-depth chemical research, drug testing and animal testing, it has been proven that A.C. mushrooms not only aids in the protection of lungs and assists in the prevention of tumors, it also helps with the improvement of the immune system while decreasing the chance of blood vessel diseases and acquired diabetes. It serves as an anti-oxidant, fights off viruses, and reduces triglyceride. After thorough research, it is evident that A.C. Mushrooms has significant beneficial effects on bodily function, in addition to improving one’s overall healthiness.
(For more detailed information, please read the research on the effects of A.C. Mushrooms on combating tumor activity as well as other relevant research results.)