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Sun Moon Lake Black Tea
Sun Moon Lake Black Tea:
Located at Mount Hehuan, the tea plantation is 1,400~1,800 above the sea level, with snow falling during autumn, winter, and early spring. The tea leaves grow at a slow pace, with a delicate and elegant taste. After being made into the Sun Moon Lake Black Tea, the unique, elegant tea aroma is loved by all.
Product Details

Sun Moon Lake Black Tea originated from a famous tourist attraction in Nantou of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake, which is also the birthplace of Taiwan’s black tea. As a result, plantations in this area possess excellent tea making techniques. The use of a unique tea type located high above the sea level and exclusive to the Shanlin River area as the primary tea leaf, it contains a smooth, sweet taste but rich in scent. It is undoubtedly an exceptional tea. This product is compliant with International Food Standard, as well as guaranteed to be all natural with zero harmful materials.

Please use boiling water with a water temperature between 95~100 degrees Celsius.

  1. Warm Pot: Place tea leaves into the center of the tea ware, pour in approximately 80cc of boiling water, then pour out into a warm cup after 5 seconds for consumption.
  2. The duration for the first infusion is 50 seconds while the duration for the second infusion is 50 seconds as well; the third infusion is 70 seconds; the fourth infusion should take 80 seconds, with the fifth infusion taking 100 seconds.