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Dong Ding Tea
Dong Ding Tea:
The Tea leaves of Dong Ding originated from a tea plantation 1,500 meters above sea level in the Shanlin River area. Partially fermented, Dong Ding Tea is made adhering to traditional tea-making techniques. With green tea leaves but reddish outlines, the tea leaves are roasted according to its specific characteristics to bring out the unique features of the leaves.
Presented in a pure and bright amber color, the tea is smooth and sweet with an unforgettable aftertaste.
Product Details

Dong Ding Tea originated from Lugu of Taiwan. Using oolong tea leaves plucked from an area high above the sea level, Dong Ding is made through partial-fermentation using traditional tea making techniques, which is essentially the birthplace of Taiwan Oolong Tea. Dong Ding Tea comes with a rich scent, with a tea that has a rich and smooth taste, undoubtedly a top-notch tea that is hard to come by. This product is compliant with International Food Standard, as well as guaranteed to be all natural with zero harmful materials.

Please use boiling water with a water temperature between 95~100 degrees Celsius.

  1. Warm Tea: Place tea leaves into the center of the tea ware, pour in approximately 80cc of boiling water, then pour out into a warm cup after 5 seconds for consumption.
  2. The duration for the first infusion is 100 seconds; the duration for the second infusion and the third infusion are both 90 seconds; the fourth infusion should take 100 seconds, with the fifth infusion taking 120 seconds.